FM & Construction

Building and construction sites are easy targets for the opportunist thief; the high value of plant and equipment can lead to quick and easy profit.

Every construction site will have its own issues of concern; be it theft, vandalism or deliberate damage and terrorism. Building and construction sites provide a security challenge due to their constant change; both physically in the value and accessibility of the property they contain, and the frequent access needed by a wide variety of outside contractors.


Common Risks Within FM & Construction

Health & Safety

Employee welfare is paramount and with the use of machinery commonly found on constructions sites, workers are constantly at risk of harm during their working day. These environments, therefore, present considerable liability risks to employers.


It is an unavoidable fact that the theft of plant, fuel and materials, for example, does happen and can have a significantly negative impact on profitability. Limited process and managerial visibility are common contributing factors to loss of product through theft.

Integrity of Surveillance Systems

Broken cameras mean entire sections of premises are open to threats. Like any piece of hardware, cameras need ongoing maintenance with defunct units being replaced from to time-to-time. Knowing when a unit is malfunctioning can be difficult and without a robust remote engineering function in place, it is quite common for systems to go unchecked for years.

Breaches of security in to existing buildings

Stopping intruders at this critical point is a proactive measure that prevents crime before it occurs. Traditional means of CCTV monitoring recording are not capable of intervening in criminal activity, although they can facilitate an after-the-fact review of footage.


The risk of fire can have devastating results and is a constant threat to employee safety and to profitability through large scale loss of plant, fuel and materials.

How the KST Group Can Help

Temporary Security

As specialists in providing temporary security, Cougar Protect  understands how important it is for clients to have a readily available, cost effective solution which is both insurance compliant and effective. Services include: Rapid deployment CCTV towers; Permanent & temporary intruder, fire and flood alarms, steel security screens & doors, fencing; Temporary access control systems; Manned & mobile guarding; Lock changes; Emergency boarding up and glazing services; Property guardians; Real time incident reporting through DYMENSiON.

Security Personnel

Working alongside clients to understand the risks at each site, innovative patrolling solutions protect assets and ensure a continuous deterrent.  Throughout internal or external patrols routes, NFC tags can be fitted at pre-defined points and scanned by officers to provide site specific patrol reports through the DYMENSiON trend and data analytics platform. These reports are used to highlight any security or health and safety risks, or to ensure additional focus is given to key areas.

CCTV & Monitoring

An effective security surveillance system can provide visibility over an entire facility and help keep property and employees secure.  CCTV solutions reduce crime and can provide a valuable record of key events for investigative purposes, providing 24/7 surveillance with live remote viewing access. The use of effective lighting around a construction site also helps a remote monitored video surveillance system, improving the ability of a remote specialist to visually verify a threat and take the appropriate action.