Policy Hub

At Kings Secure Technologies we operate with the highest standards regarding our employees, the environment and customers we serve, and all other stakeholders.

The guidelines and policies below define what we expect of ourselves, and our business partners, as we operate with integrity throughout the UK and Europe.

Environmental Policy (CPL03)

This Environmental Policy aims to integrate a philosophy of sustainable development into all the organisation’s activities and to establish and promote sound environmental practice in our operations.

Security Management Policy (CPL04)

The purpose of Information Security Management is to protect Kings Solutions Group Limited (‘Kings’) from loss of information or any other asset(s) hard or soft resulting from internal or external activities.

Health & Safety Policy (CPL24)

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires the employer to prepare, and as often as may be appropriate revise, a written statement of the general policy with respect to the health and safety at work of employees.

Compliance Policy (CPL02)

Kings is committed to ensuring that the provision of security solutions provided to our customers consistently meet or exceed theirexpectations and providing the best possible experience to all within the supply chain

Data Protection Policy (CPL48)

As individuals, we want to know that personal information about ourselves is handled properly, and we and others have specific rights in this regard. In the course of its activities the company will collect, store and process personal data, and it recognizes that the correct and lawful treatment of this data will maintain confidence in the organisation and will provide for successful business operations.