Manufacturing & Engineering

Manufacturing and Engineering is one of the UK’s broadest sectors, encompassing a vast array of disciplines from automotive to electronics to energy to software.

5.5 million people work in engineering in the UK, accounting for 18% of all UK employment.


Common Risks Within Manufacturing and Engineering:

High-value equipment

Manufacturing and Engineering businesses often have extremely high-value equipment and products stored on-site or in off-site warehouses. This equipment is vulnerable to both theft and fire damage, which will cause significant financial losses to the business in addition to an inability to trade.

Higher risk of fire

Manufacturing and engineering are recognised as high-risk industries with an abnormally high risk of fire occurring. Businesses particularly at risk are those:

  • operating on a large scale
  • working with flammable substances such as oil or gas which can easily ignite
  • storing combustible materials such as paper, wood, cardboard or plastic on-site
  • operating machinery that uses high temperatures, high voltages or produces sparks that could potentially ignite either surrounding surfaces or the machine itself

How the KST Group Can Help

Access Control Systems

In engineering, injuries involving machinery measure in the thousands each year. The manufacturing industry has the highest rate of non-fatal accidents, and the 2nd highest rate of fatal accidents as of 2020. Access control systems ensure that only competent and thoroughly vetted members of staff can access machinery – this keeps your business, your equipment, and your staff safe.

CCTV & Monitoring

A properly installed CCTV system protects both your machinery and your products from theft and vandalism. Our experienced engineers will ensure that CCTV is installed to provide full coverage across your site with minimal blind spots.

Fire Risk Management

Comprehensive, evidence-based fire risk assessments are crucial in both minimising the risk of fire breaking out on-site and maximising the safety of your staff in the event of a fire. Our experienced fire risk assessors will not only identify which features of your site present a greater fire risk, but will also advise you of measures that can be implemented to reduce or mitigate these risks. We are also a specialist supplier of fire alarms and smoke detection systems which will act as early warning systems to ensure that evacuations are carried out as swiftly and smoothly as possible in the event of a fire.