In the UK, 276.6 billion a year is spent to keep our hospitals, dentists and other health and welbeing providers operating.

The NHS is one of the most comprehensive socialised medicine systems in the world, dealing with more than 1 million patients every 36 hours.


Common Risks Within Healthcare:

Assault against emergency services workers

In the UK, more than 20 emergency services workers are assaulted at work every day. Many of these victims are front-line healthcare workers such as paramedics, first-responders, nurses, and GPs. It is important to safeguard the health and welbeing of public.

Increased risk of fire:

In the event of a fire, healthcare institutions are at increased risk due to their complex floorplans which often span multiple buildings or sites – patients, particularly children, the elderly and the disabled, require far more time to safely evacuate hospital buildings due to their decreased mobility, therefore a property integrated early warning system must be in place.


Valuable assets

All healthcare facilities, from hospitals to GPs to pharmacies, carry valuable items such as medicines and surgical equipment that could become seriously dangerous if stolen or mishandled. This includes physical copies of patients’ personal information and medical history which is often kept on-site.

How the KST Group Can Help

Access Control Systems

To protect patients’ medical history and personal information, maintaining a proper access control system is vital. This will prevent serious breaches of GDPR. Dangerous substances such as medicines should also be kept in access-controlled rooms to discourage robbery attempts and prevent harm to robbery offenders should these substances be misused.

CCTV & Monitoring

An effective CCTV system is not only an excellent deterrent for criminal behaviour, but a valuable tool in gathering evidence for prosecution.


Comprehensive, evidence-based fire risk assessments are crucial in ensuring that public properties are compliant with fire safety legislation. Our fire risk assessments will not only identify which features of a property carry a greater fire risk, but will also advise you of measures that can be implemented to reduce or mitigate these risks. We are also a specialist supplier of fire alarms and smoke detection systems which will act as early warning systems to ensure that evacuations are carried out as swiftly and smoothly as possible in the event of a fire.