Grunwerg Invests in New Fire Safety Solution

June 17, 2022

Based in Sheffield, UK Grunwerg is a leading supplier of innovative and exciting products to the UK and international housewares industry.

With their legacy system requiring an essential upgrade, Grunwerg needed a replacement system as a high priority. Following a full site survey, Kings Secure Technologies (KST) put together a proposal to ensure the system became a fully addressable solution, using the latest Gent Vigilon technology from Gent.

Legacy System Upgrade:

Kings were focussed on installing the new system within the strict timeframe provided.  A critical factor for Kings’ Project Managers and Engineers was to ensure that the install did not affect the existing infrastructure of the site, but at the same time work effectively in a live environment alongside additional contractors, and day-to-day liaising with the Grunwerg team.

Challenges faced by the KST team centred around tight deadlines, budget, access constraints and contractual agreements.  To address these challenges, alongside clear communication between KST and the client, the existing legacy system was removed and replaced with a mains-powered interface which controlled the conventional smoke detectors within the main warehouse. Not only did this reduce the price significantly for the client, but we were still able to meet the design criteria, keep downtime to a minimum, and exceed customer satisfaction, which was our main focus.

The fire alarm system was installed to a design specification of an L1 system; this system is designed to not only protect the building but the occupants within the room. KST made the system user-friendly and ensured one-to-one training for each member of staff upon completion.

Through careful management, KST was able to fully install the new fire system with minimal downtime, whilst savings were made by adhering to the amended budget. Following the completed works, KST entrusted a third-party company to inspect the quality of the work; the feedback we received was that the new system installed was of high quality and resulted in a satisfactory report, ensuring the system was reliable, up to standard and of good quality.