Risk Management

Quidvis is our fire risk and risk management company, specialising in delivering detailed evidence-based fire risk assessments and fire door inspections.

QuidvisRisk, our risk management portal, has revolutionised the way that Fire Risk Assessments and Fire Door Inspections are carried out and reported. We have removed all paper and Excel reports from our business assessment and reporting process completely; providing our teams and clients with the latest technology and software to manage the whole process from start to finish.

All assessments are completed using the QuidvisRiskApp, allowing our teams to carry out detailed, comprehensive assessments without the need for paper. This is not only environmentally friendly, importantly it guarantees that our assessments are comprehensive and consistent and are instantly in the QuidvisRisk system. This allows the Quidvis team to quality control, validate and deliver the reports to our clients quickly and professionally. Our clients can use QuidvisRisk to manage the risks, and even allocate work internally and externally. Providing a detailed and comprehensive record for every risk managed.

QuidvisRisk provides clients with a true ‘Golden Thread’ for risk management in a single digital platform.