Employee Testimonials

Women in Fire, Security & Life Safety

The Security, Fire & Risk industry is often considered stereotypically male, and this outdated image may be off-putting to many women who would otherwise thrive in a security role. Here at the KST group of companies we are looking to change the landscape of the industry to better facilitate female workers.

We are committed to take action against inequality in the workforce and celebrate women’s achievements. We pledge to:

  • Build a gender-balanced organisation with a focus on management
  • Promote safety for women in the areas where we operate
  • Enhance access to training and promote skills for women across our value chain
  • Continue the dialogue around empowering women within our workforce
  • Follow-up on our commitments to women

We are proud to make this pledge to women’s empowerment and corporate responsibility. This commitment will help us make a lasting impact on the Security sector and build a sustainable company that takes diversity, equality and inclusion seriously.

Take a look at testimonials from KST colleagues about their experiences working in our sector:

Employee Testimonials