Acquisitions & Investments

When CEO, Bob Forsyth joined KST in 2017, Kings Security (as the business was known back then) was centred on the brick and mortar retail sector, posing the potential for over exposure in a market which was contracting and seeing a change in buying habits from its core client base with online shopping starting to grow, making the old model less attractive.

The business had all the ingredients to move forward with its own Monitoring Centre, a large and still growing systems division (albeit in the lower end of the intruder-centric technical space), a Security Personnel department, keyholding and small Fire business. So, from here, Bob set out to create a more diverse business in other sectors and with a wider service offering.

The first step was renaming and rebranding the business to Kings Secure Technologies in 2018. After this began a change of approach and modernisation which has been an ongoing project ever since.

Acquisition Timeline

Thanks to our Acquisitions & Investments strategy, we now sit within a very different company.

The bricks and mortar retail sector is now a very small percentage of our overall revenues; we have been able to strive forward by launching new business investment such as DYMENSiON, our own process, trend and data analytics platform, and Cougar Protect – our vacant property protection business.

We have made acquisitions in Fire with Silver Group, and in Monitoring with Cougar Monitoring and, most recently, our game changing Fire Risk Assessment business; Quidvis.

We have grown our top line by over 50% and, with this, won some amazing new clients as well as retaining a number of our highly regarded strategic accounts such as Post Office and Howdens, all within the delays of Covid and a challenging economic landscape.