Little Dot Studios Invests in Best-in-Class Technology

December 14, 2022

Little Dot Studios is an award-winning digital content studio and broadcaster with more than 275 employees around the world. Their London office, based in the prestigious Old Truman Brewery off Brick Lane, is home to some of the most innovative creators of YouTube original content in the UK.

The company looked to Kings Secure Technologies (KST) for a cloud-based, contactless and innovative experience to access control that suited both the Little Dot Studios brand and its surroundings. The solution proposed by KST was Openpath’s state-of-the-art, cloud-based, mobile-first contactless access control system; the perfect fit for their vision of their high-tech offices. The Openpath smart reader supports multiple touchless access methods, including the hands-free Wave to Unlock, in-app and remote unlocks, and unlocking via a Smart Watch. Once the user is approved, a simple hand gesture in front of the reader will allow authorised entry. To exit, a contactless egress button and another hand gesture allows the approved person to exit the door.

Thanks to the solution being remote hosted via the cloud, Openpath eliminates the need for a server and dedicated PC for accessing the software platform. This means that to administrate the software, depending on the set up of admin logins to approved individuals, they can use their PC/Laptop to access the software from anywhere on or off-site, rather than a dedicated PC; admin users do not need to share the same equipment.

Due to Covid-19 impacting the way we carry out tasks such as using access control, Little Dot Studios was keen to minimise the opportunity for users to touch hardware. The Openpath solution proposed by KST has done just that: reduced the risk by providing a contactless solution – not just from entering and exiting the door, but to using the software also.

The remotely hosted software powering the Openpath solution has allowed Little Dot Studios to assign the users’ access rights; which doors they can go through, at what times and what days. Multiple logins can be set up for admin users, so they can use their own device without the need to install a server, dedicated workstation and licensing; making the solution more cost effective and reducing the amount of labour required to install the system.

Greg Rochford, IT Manager at Little Dot Studios said of the solution: ‘We wanted a smart-looking, contactless approach to access control here at Little Dot. We love the Openpath solution proposed by KST; it’s sleek, simple to use and has excellent reporting features. What’s more, Kings’ inhouse commissioning team remotely configured the software to meet our requirements – including who goes where and when, through which doors, the reporting we need and integration to our fire alarm system. Thanks to this we have saved the cost of two days labour on install!’

Photo credits: Design by Design With Narrative / Photographer Chris Snook