Carrie Eastwood

Briefly explain your role

I manage the Security Personnel department operationally and commercially, employing hundreds of staff nationwide. My department provides manned guarding, keyholding and mobile response services across the UK and Ireland.

What do you love about your job?

Everything!!! If I had to pick something out it would be the variation – you never know what challenges will be thrown at you from one week to the next but I have a fantastic team around me to support.

How does KST empower you in your role?

KST support my decisions, give me the autonomy to run my department and provide a positive business environment where change is embraced.

What made you move into the security sector?

I worked for NatWest Fraud after leaving education, really enjoyed it and wanted to stay within the Loss Prevention sector.

Has there been any significant barriers to progression in your career within the security profession?

Quite the opposite; I have found that as a woman in Security, companies have actually welcomed a female perspective and the different ideas and views that we can bring to the table.

What’s your most memorable moment in your career so far?

It has to be the experiences that I would never normally have dreamt of.. the most memorable being an invite to The Tower of London for a private viewing of the Crown Jewels, and a dinner hosted by Joanna Lumley to celebrate the Gurkha Regiment guarding The Tower of London. Made even more special as one of my first jobs in Security was looking after a mobile branch in Reading working with a team of ex-Gurkha soldiers.

What opportunities does the security profession offer?

It offers huge opportunities for progression. The Security Industry is vast – way bigger than most people would imagine and there is a role for everyone – no matter what you like to do. What I love most is that people often come into the industry in one role and quickly develop and find themselves excelling in another role – requiring a completely different skill set!

What would you say to any women who have reservations about how male- dominated the industry is, in order to put their minds at ease?

I would tell them that the industry has changed so much in the 20 years that I have been in it and that women are not only valued but embraced. Speak to people in the industry – we love to talk about what we do and how under recognised the industry can be. We will talk through the good and the bad and tell you how important it is that you find a company that supports women and the value we can offer.

KST take pride in having a female Engineer. I believe there should be more women in this industry and my view is, go for it! It’s not like it used to be at all.

How do you balance work and home responsibilities?

I won’t lie, as a Mum to two teenage girls this can and has been difficult over the years! The key is to find an employer who understands you have more than one job and that the most important one starts when you arrive home. There are lots of companies in our industry that support work-life balance and know that by doing this you get the best out of staff. Whilst my role is anything but 9-5, there are lots of jobs in the industry that are and it’s about finding the right one for you.

Sign off your employee story with anything else you would like to add

I have had some amazing experiences in the Security Industry and the opportunities for career progression are second to none. No two days are the same and this variation builds an industry of people that embrace change, making it a fantastic working environment.

I have spent almost 20 years in the industry and have picked up so many different skills that have set me up in business for life.