Stephen Hodson – Head of Mobile Services

Branch (Army/Navy/RAF/Family): Army

Regiment/Corps/Station/Ship: 1st Royal Tank Regiment

Length of Service: June 1989 – Feb 2013

Trade/Role in Service: Tank Gunner, making my way to Squadron Sergeant Major by end of service.

Describe your resettlement/transition experience: I left the army in February 2013 and went to work in education through a company called ‘Commando Joes’.

Four years later, I attended the funeral of someone I served with where I met Lee Ennis, who offered me a job in security with a different company.

Lee eventually moved to accept the position of National Account Director for Kings Guarding Solutions. I called across for a catch-up with Lee where I met Carrie Eastwood, Managing Director for the division.

About two weeks later, I received a call from Carrie, explaining she thought I would be a great fit for the ‘Head of Mobile’ role.

Kings had me from the moment I walked in the building; the closeness, the warmth, the family feeling of the business. I said to myself after that first visit. “I’m going to work here”.

Personal quote about your own resettlement/transition experience: The biggest thing for people in my personal experience is; you don’t realise it until the end. You do a lot of courses while serving and don’t think ‘how can I transfer that course across to Civvy Street?’

What advice would you give to the Armed Force Community about their transition journey? Be open minded, be flexible and be realistic.