David Hewitt – Regional Engineering Manager

Branch (Army/Navy/RAF/Family): Army

Regiment/Corps/Station/Ship: Corp of Royal Engineers

Length of Service: 12 years

Trade/Role in Service: Carpenter, Combat Engineer, Signals Instructor

What do you think about BFRS and the services we provide? As I left 25 years ago, I didn’t use the service, but I did some day courses on interview techniques, CV writing etc. Any assistance in resettlement is helpful.

Personal quote about your own resettlement/transition experience: Employers take a good view of ex-military personnel as they have the ability to work both alone and as a team, are disciplined, have a good work ethic and are forward thinking

What advice would you give to the Armed Force Community about their transition journey? Employers are looking for reliable staff who have the capacity to work and think for themselves, can take into consideration other staff members. Ones who have a positive ‘can do’ attitude. Take into any interview the positives that you have learned throughout your military career