Top Security Tips for Schools & Colleges

October 26th, 2016 | Posted by: admin

School Image 3 Is your security top of the class?

School security is ever-changing and needs to be kept under constant review, with vulnerable areas identified and remedial actions implemented to address them.

With the protection of pupils and staff paramount, access and security across a school or college site can be a real dilemma for head teachers and site managers.

Criminals nearly always see schools as a soft target.  Security is a major factor in the design of new school buildings, however, many existing schools were not designed with security in mind.  Indeed a number of schools were originally built as temporary schools with a ten-year life span.  Some are still in use today, but because of the design/materials used in their construction, they incorporate additional areas of vulnerability.  All these features coupled with frequent and long holidays add to the vulnerability of schools to criminal attack.  
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Kings Security – providing ‘best in class’ products to the education sector

At Kings, we have a long track record of helping schools and colleges with their fire and security systems, enabling them to better protect their pupils, staff, premises and assets.  Below are 6 top security tips for schools and colleges.

  1. With school security, you should start at the perimeter (site boundary) and work your way in (internal security), recognising areas of concern and identifying potential measures which could be implemented to address these.  Is your school/college perimeter secure?  What are the weak spots where intruders can perpetrate?
  2. Do your gates meet with European Standards?  Due to past incidents involving automatic gates, there are now certain safety measures in place.  Do check if you comply with these.
  3. Are your access measures linked to your fire detection system, enabling for a smooth evacuation in case of a fire?
  4. Do you have access control measures in place?  Good access control measures should be prioritised for daytime security of the school and the personal safety of all users.  To help prevent walk-in thefts, also consider access control measures for the more vulnerable areas of your site, (e.g. IT suites and store rooms).
  5. Break-ins, vandalism and anti-social behaviour can often be a persistent problem.  CCTV is a great deterrent for these types of activity and can link to other systems you have in place, helping to eradicate on-site problems and take the pressure off the school budget.
  6. Is your intruder alarm system fit for purpose?  It is accepted that at the time intruder alarm systems were initially installed, they were suitable for their intended purpose.  However, due to numerous on-going changes in policy, procedures and equipment over the years, the majority of these systems no longer offer the essential high standard of security now demanded by schools.  Does your system cover all areas of the building(s), for example?

School Image 2At Kings, we can take-over, install, upgrade and maintain systems including CCTV, intruder alarms, fire alarms, access control and gates and barriers.  We can also offer in-house monitoring and key holding services, consolidating your time spent with multiple contracts.

To discuss your site’s security requirements or to arrange a free, no obligation security assessment, please contact the Regional Accounts Team at [email protected] or call 0800 804 6171.  Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form.

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