4 Top Tips against Burglaries in the Summer

May 11th, 2016 | Posted by: admin

Tips Against Home BurglariesPolice have warned that burglars are more likely to strike now that summer is approaching…

This is because home-owners tend to leave windows and doors open or unlocked in better weather – giving burglars easier opportunities.  Sometimes, these burglaries even take place whilst people are at home. It takes a burglar only a few seconds to reach through an open window and grab items.

You can protect yourself against home burglaries using these very simple tips:

  • Make sure you check that all doors and windows are closed and locked before leaving the house.
  • Be vigilant even when you’re at home; for example if you’re out in the back garden, make sure that the front door is locked, and ground floor windows in particular are closed. It only takes a few seconds to reach through an open door or window and grab items.
  • Never leave any items of value, such as laptops, cameras, handbags, keys and wallets, in view of windows and doors.
  • Never leave keys in locks on the inside – there have even been occasions where offenders have reached through windows or cat-flaps to gain entry.

Stay safe this summer!

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