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With over 25,000 users in 31 countries, DYMENSiON is at the cutting edge of innovation and is continually being developed to support our clients’ business process management. Existing clients include RetailBankingManufacturing & Logistics and Public Utilities, to name a few.

Its modular design and high level of configurability means that whatever type of service you deliver, this software platform can be an integral part of its successful growth and delivery.

  • Engage and assess estate performance
  • Collate, analyse and disseminate intelligence
  • Prevent and reduce criminal activity
  • Bespoke reporting, workflows & e-forms
  • Live monitoring of SLA and KPI performance
  • Utilise technology to create savings
  • Compatible with OneTouch App
  • Secured and encrypted with TLS
  • POA
“Following several incidents at our sites, Kings introduced DYMENSiON to us. It’s a fantastic system that allows us to collate, analyse and share incident intelligence in real time. We can also monitor the performance across our entire estate and integrate KPIs and SLAs, so we always have our finger on the pulse. And when there has been a site incident, we have been able to pass evidence to the police that has helped get a quick conviction.”
Director of Security – Global Logistics Provider

The DYMENSiON solution provides instant insight into multiple levels of understanding and decision making, so you can use our time to better collaborate and grow as a business.

Empowering any team to engage and assess their estates performance and operational management, interactively through the use of data, information, intelligence and collaboration.

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