Posted on: 01 Nov 2019

Education Security Systems

The basic security requirements of our educational establishments are raising concerns amongst recent changes and incidents occurring in our society, including terrorist attacks, gun crime, vandalism, arson, child exploitation and other issues. These widespread incidents that put the safety of our students, employees and parents at risk.

In some schools, colleges and universities, intruders are able to enter in and exit out of the premises without record, due to access control not being considered serious enough within initial risk assessments. Whilst some establishments have excessive solutions such as metal detectors and bag checking, which has been recently seen in some schools across the US, basic measures for example surveillance, perimeter and access security are simply essential.

Students and teachers have the right to feel safe and confident that should a situation arise, they have the correct security measures and procedures in place to keep themselves and those around them protected. Parents should also have peace of mind with the knowledge that their child will be safe under the care of the teachers and within the security of the establishment.

Over the next 2 months, Kings Secure Technologies plans to target our efforts towards the Education sector assisting and advising on how you can to improve all areas of concern in terms of crucial security requirements. We propose to offer free site surveys and state-of-the-art innovations including A.I paired with the latest existing technologies to strive for better safety and security in schools, colleges and universities. Our Education campaign will explore each security risk within live education environments and offer solutions based on the current needs of students, employees and visitors.

Concerns that may arise in an Education environment.

  • Theft
  • Classroom disorder
  • Bullying
  • Assaults
  • Use of Weapons
  • Violent Crime
  • Arson

Should you wish to contact Kings to discuss your establishment’s security needs please visit or contact by telephone on 03306 780635.