Education Security Systems

We provide state of the art and innovative fire detection and life safety system solutions to protect people and property from the devastation of fire and arson attacks.

Our Security Personnel Team is there to safeguard Students and to remain alert to act on any suspicious activity that may occur. Kings prides itself on delivering the right person for any situation.

Using cutting-edge technology, Kings provides a bespoke solution to suit every environment. Within Education, Student and staff experience along with overall safety is paramount when designing a Kings Integrated Solution.


Kings Secure Technologies’ mission is to offer the latest and most innovative technologies to deliver the best value and most robust solutions to our growing customer base.

We already look after many nurseries, schools, colleges and universities nationally, and can ensure we provide the very best services to meet the specialist needs of the educational environment with minimal disruption to the student experience, through installing efficient sophisticated solutions.

From Access Control of the school grounds, to outstanding Security Personnel, Kings Secure Technologies plays a crucial role in minimising the risk of crime, safeguarding employees and students by providing indispensable protection against the threats of today.


Kings recognises that public funding is limited, and all Public-Sector spending is rigorously governed. Taking this into account, we have advanced fully integrated security systems comprising of Access Control, CCTV and Intruder Detection to meet the specific requirements.

By preserving our certification and accreditation levels we maintain our Education Sector clientele with the confidence required when selecting such an important service provider.

Kings fully supports its customers in implementing the duty of care to provide a safe and secure environment for their assets and the safety of their employees and students.


Protect Staff, Protect Students

With our extensive experience within the Education Sector, our goal is to play a crucial role in minimising the risk of spreading the COVID-19 Virus, safeguarding staff and students by providing indispensable protection against the threats of today. Given our current climate, when schools are working extremely hard to keep students and staff safe, Kings is here to offer practical advice and information on these innovative products which will add an extra layer of safety and security, lessening the threat posed by COVID-19 to the school environment.

We offer a few solutions, designed to be in use in area’s with heavy footfall and a fast-paced education environment, providing the most efficient and effective way to protect your students, staff, families and visitors when they need it the most.

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Case Study: Kings installs new fire system with minimal disruption to a protected building

Fircroft College of Adult Education recently found themselves in urgent need of a new fire safety system for their historic building. They called in specialists from Kings Secure Technologies to design a solution that would meet their specific requirements, as well as comply with the latest standards.

The Challenge

After a panel failure rendered the legacy system irreparable, the college needed a replacement urgently. Based on the results of a full site survey, Kings put together a proposal to convert the previous zonal system to a fully addressable solution, using the latest Vigilon Plus technology from Gent.

A New Level of Security

The first priority was speed: it was imperative to have the new system up and running before the start of term (in under 5 weeks). Unfortunately, however, there were no existing drawings to work with. Meanwhile, the new system design needed to take into account the age of the structure, as well as the fact that it is a protected building. It was also an important opportunity to bring equipment into line with L2 category regulations – ensuring significantly higher levels of detection, as well as The Equality Act – using VADs to safeguard students with hearing or visual impairments.

With support from the college and a dedicated team of engineers, a basic operational system (Compact Plus) was installed in under 3 days and a full system upgrade in less than 5 weeks – all while ensuring minimal disruption to the running of the college. The new system – using one 6-loop Gent Vigilon Plus panel, two 2-loop Compact Plus and two repeater panels – has been custom-designed for the building, giving Fircroft a multitude of benefits. Firstly, it is fully addressable, allowing them to immediately pinpoint the exact device that has been activated. This makes it significantly easier for staff to identify fire activations, and with a single control panel they are able to more easily understand exactly what is going on, where and when.

The system was purpose-built around the college’s existing procedures and policies. Additional safety features include gas shut-off and automatic door closers to prevent spread of fire. Thanks to this upgrade, false alarms have been virtually eliminated and the site fully redrawn, giving the client full as-fitted drawings upon completion. In a recent external audit by NSI, the installation was declared “satisfactory” and fit for purpose for the college and accommodation block. Kings Secure Technologies is one of over 90 independent fire specialists around the UK and Ireland who work as part of the Gent 24 Approved Network.

“We approached Kings as we were in urgent need of a new fire safety system for our historic, protected building. The team from Kings was professional from start to finish – the install was against the clock with a short completion time of 5 weeks, and without existing drawings. The Kings engineers ensured minimal disruption to the running of the college, and the system they delivered enhances both student and employee safety.”Ian Edwards, Facilities Team Leader at Fircroft College

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