Recruitment Fraud Notice

Kings Secure Technologies takes all reports of suspicious or fraudulent activity very seriously. We have recently been made aware that various individuals or organisations have contacted people fraudulently claiming to represent one of our group companies, Kings Solutions Group Limited. The fraudsters have made false offers of employment with Kings Solutions Group Limited, in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. We understand that some recipients of these fraudulent communications have been interviewed over the phone multiple times before being offered employment. After receiving an offer of employment, the recipients of the communications have been asked to pay monies towards costs such as visa expenses, service charges and/or fees for medical services. In addition to asking for money, the perpetrators of the fraud often ask for sensitive personal and financial information, such as details about your passport or bank account. The fraudsters purporting to make such offers of employment on behalf of Kings Solutions Group Limited are in no way affiliated with any of Kings Secure Technologies group companies.

We are taking action against the individuals or organisations behind this scam, but there are a few ways you can identify recruitment fraud and avoid becoming a victim:
1. Fraudsters often ask for financial contributions during the recruitment process. Kings Secure Technologies and its group companies do not ask candidates to make any financial contribution at any stage of the recruitment process.
2. Fraudsters may ask you to book travel via a specific travel agency, with a promise to reimburse your costs. Kings Secure Technologies and its group companies never ask candidates for a job to book travel through a specific travel agency.
3. Any email communications relating to a vacancy with Kings Secure Technologies or one of its group companies will come from an email address ending

We recommend that you report scams and suspected scams to the appropriate local authorities. In the UK, this may include the police. Do not engage in any further communication if you believe the communications may be fraudulent. If you have been approached about a position with Kings Secure Technologies, or one of its group companies, and you are unsure if it is legitimate, please contact us via our contact form.