Do you have children, pets, elderly family members? There’s a lot to keep safe in your home, even before considering family heirlooms and expensive jewels.

Day or night, empty or occupied, SmartCCTV is our latest CCTV surveillance product for your home.

SmartCCTV is a low cost, easy to use all-in-one security system which uses the latest technology and highest resolution. We have several options to ensure you’re notified of any incidents immediately, so you can step away from worrying about what may be happening in your home. If anything is detected we’ll let you know.

SmartCCTV is:
– easy to install and expand
– accessible from around the globe
– designed and manufactured to a high security standard

Whether you have one or more homes, SmartCCTV is the ideal surveillance product for you – especially if one of your homes is abroad. Don’t worry about getting the cameras set-up, simply set the cameras up in your desired locations, enter a code online and connect the camera via your internet access. We take care of maintenance and updates so your security is in our safe hands.

Home security around the clock

Whether you’re at work, on holiday or out for dinner you can view live footage from your SmartCCTV cameras at the touch of a button on our online portal or app. You’ll have access to a live view of the cameras, recordings and events. You will also get instant notifications of any detected event by email, or for an immediate alert we can send push notifications.

Keeping your family safe

SmartCCTV is so intelligent that it even detects if a person falls so if you have an elderly or disabled family member or friend then you can feel confident that should an accident happen you will be notified.

Smart recurring payments rather than a large investment upfront

 We understand the importance of avoiding investments upfront. Following your initial investment, simply make your monthly payment and we look after the maintenance, monitoring and updates of the product.


Kings SmartCCTV is available on your mobile!  Download the app here