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The Cross-Sector Safety and Security Communications (CSSC) North East & Yorkshire Hub launched April 2018. This embarked a partnership between the public and private sectors in the seven counties of the North Eastern Region of England with a combined population of over 8.5 million. (Northumberland, Cleveland, County Durham, Humberside, North, South and West Yorkshire). The North East & Yorkshire region has support from key public and private sector partners across the region including the Police, Councils, Environment Agency, Home Office and National Crime Agency. Now operational with over 35 industry sectors, each of which is headed by one or more Industry Sector Leads (ISLs), many of whom have a National/International reach within their industries.

CSSC in the North East & Yorkshire region is a two-way communications vehicle. It facilitates the information flow of important messages from our key public services to local businesses within the region and enables such businesses to offer feedback to help shape the advice and guidance produced by public bodies in the future.

The key to this information conduit is the CSSC hub based at Kings Secure Technologies in West Yorkshire who have operated as a dedicated point of contact between public and private sectors.

We have the confidence that the CSSC North East & Yorkshire region will grow and evolve as a communications network to suit the changing threat landscape. It is important to us that we provide businesses with the support they need from local public-sector bodies to combat threats and improve their resilience and emergency response plans.

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