Debbie Foy

Briefly explain your role

My role is to develop and expand a strong sustainable sales pipeline whilst also achieving the team’s annual set target. I am also responsible for updating the company’s CRM system, along with keeping up to date with the security industry and legislation changes, and working closely with the operations team on proposal and costing documentation.


What do you love about your job?

I have been in sales for over 35yrs, and in the security industry for 30. Being in sales you must be very patient and proactive, I love the chase and the buzz when winning new contracts or retaining contracts and making a difference to the client’s site security as a result. I enjoy working with my colleagues in the extended and wider business teams at KST, it’s a great relief I can call upon their expertise, to team up with them and to collate a full security solution.

How does KST empower you in your role?

KST have given me all the tools and allow me to work autonomously. The Business Director is always there for support and guidance. I also have a strong professional team of Operation Managers behind me, one of whom is female. I can honestly say that all my team in Security Personnel support me, I love the banter and we have great team morale.

What made you move in to the security sector?

Whilst working in a national FM company in the cleaning and washroom division, I was headhunted by two of the other Business Directors – Pest Control and Security. I didn’t fancy either, however on the interview for pest control I was asked if I could handle working with spiders / mice to which they took a box of live spiders out on the table. I made my mind up
instantly and joined security. The RD wanted more females, however I hated the security industry in the first year; the sales process and timescales for decision making was very different. I nearly gave up! But my hard work and patience paid off – I was soon smashing targets.…
I am still in touch with my first Regional Director, he in his 80s now and I am very grateful for his trust in women all those years ago.

Has there been any significant barriers to progression in your career within the security profession?

Due to my experience working with large corporations, I found that you tend to progress if you liked working down in London (within the city), those that did would have an advantage with more support and leads.
I did feel I was at a disadvantage being a female single mum living up North, the out of hours networking was difficult for me to attend during the working week. However, it did not affect my success or motivation, I worked harder and smarter and over the years I have worked with
more and more females joining the industry and progressing.

How does KST help support your sense of purpose in your career?

From my very first day at KST and the professional, informative induction, I have felt I have a real sense of purpose within the team. I have also received so much support – all the tools I need from my line manager and from the extended KST teams such as the Bid Team,
Marketing, and other KST sales divisions.


What’s your most memorable moment in your career so far?

Many years ago, I had the worst year of my life personally. However, I stuck with it and carried on as a single mum working full time in a male dominated company. It was my 2nd year in the security industry, I was the only female in the team, in the first year I had watched different
male colleagues collect awards, I was determined to win the following year. I worked hard, and I did it! The first to be awarded for all the categories.

What opportunities does the security profession offer?

Over 30 years I have watched the industry grow and change, the majority were male employees at the beginning, but over the past few years it is changing for the better. More females are now in senior management roles such as Operations Directors, Sales Directors, Operation Managers, and front-line female Security Officers. There are so many prospective
roles to pursue.

What would you say to any women who have reservations about how male-dominated the industry is, in order to put their minds at ease?

I would encourage any female, no matter what level or rank they are, from a Security Officer on the front line to a Director, to not let the stereotype or image prevent them from progressing their career in security. It is rewarding to hear more clients are requesting for both men and women on their sites. As women often have better communication skills, they can defuse a situation and can offer a better and more level-headed approach. The security industry needs more women, they are an incredible asset!

How do you balance work and home responsibilities

Any job can be stressful, I have had to multitask to ensure things do get done. Having a work/ life balance is important, I believe women can cope with working from home too, and have good organisational skills. Juggling is second nature to women. If I am working on a tight deadline, I will work around what is a priority and what needs to be done. I will work late or over the weekend, but I make sure I have organised everything! KST are very keen to support the wellbeing of all colleagues.
As a woman planning is key: ‘fail to plan – plan to fail’.

Sign off your employee story with anything else you would like to add:

Since joining KST I have a different opinion to working within another security company. KST encourages and supports employee’s work / life balance, their working arrangements in place and support makes it much easier. I am allowed to get on with my job, I am the only person who pressurises myself. The support and help I have received has allowed me to settle in and grow the business. I am proud to be a part of a very successful team


What our Customers say

We wanted a smart-looking, contactless approach to access control here at Little Dot. We love the Openpath solution proposed by KST; it’s sleek, simple to use and has excellent reporting features. What’s more, KST’s inhouse commissioning team remotely configured the software to meet our requirements - including who goes where and when, through which doors, the reporting we need and integration to our fire alarm system. Thanks to this we have saved the cost of two days labour on install!

Greg Rochford
IT Manager - Little Dot Studios

KST has once again exceeded all expectations with their outstanding service. Safety is our number one priority for both our Post Masters and customers, therefore we are always on the lookout for new technologies and new ideas. Morphean platforms, along with the installation and maintenance provided by KST, has been the perfect decision for us due to our existing knowledge of their excellent services and competitive prices.

Mark Dinsdale
Security Programme Manager - Post Office Ltd

The mobilisation was smooth with little involvement required from ourselves. Communication, in particular, has been extremely strong with regular meetings. Monthly management information has been circulated and Clipper are using the real time management information that KST have provided with their DYMENSiON software. We also have working action plans on each site focusing on improvements and change management. All in all I would be happy to recommend KST to any company looking at contract award; our experience has been very positive and I am happy to endorse them.

John Welsh
Head of Bonded & Secure Operations - Clipper

The whole process of mobilisation and onboarding to KST was conducted in an exceptional manner, from start to finish. The preparation for the move between City Plumbing Supplies and KST was comprehensive. Collaboration was very good. The days of transfer were event free and smooth - with no major issues. The branches’ onboarding onto the KST system during the 12 weeks following the mobilisation was completed fully with excellent communication sessions conducted on a weekly basis. We are now looking forward to a long and effective partnership with KST.

Steve Kemp
Security, Audit & Loss Prevention Manager - City Plumbing Supplies

We’ve been delighted with the partnership between ISS and KST and the approach to transferring the access control contract. The teams have gelled quickly to understand our estate and we’ve seen significant service improvements.

Andy Southern
Head of Security - Santander Bank

Everything from the initial engagement with Quidvis to meeting the Fire Risk assessor on site, to receiving all the reports back in the SLA timeframe was second to none. The communication throughout the whole process has been so easy and the working relationship does not stop there. We now have one central system where we can view reports, add relevant building certificates and policies. Colleagues can access this incredibly user-friendly system and navigate with ease. I have been informed by several colleagues how easy the portal is to use. Even those less tech savvy have been more than impressed.

Carrie Owen
Fire Safety Officer - Shropshire Towns & Rural Housing