Speedy installation in Scotland’s Capital Princes Mall Shopping Centre, Edinburgh

April 6th, 2011 | Posted by: admin

Speedy installation in Scotland's CapitalFirst Data experienced exactly what the Kings Security Systems – ATM services can do! – Princes Mall Shopping Centre in Edinburgh needed a through the wall ATM installing for the next working day.

The call came in to Kings at 3.30pm on 17 February 2011 and as Kings were already working at their highest capacity, with 14 installation teams working on the roll out of 672 ATMs for First Data, it was a big task to install another ATM at such a late stage.

Kings understood the importance of meeting the deadline and knew they needed to act quickly and efficiently. With all teams assigned to other projects, Kings needed to deploy a new team, consisting of a number of managers and an engineer from the Kings ATM services to organise and install the ATM. Each ATM services manager is a skilled tradesman and has vast experience of installing ATMs so in order to not let the client down they pulled together to get the job done.

The ATM and all the necessary equipment was assembled and dispatched from the Kings warehouse and logistics centre in Bradford to Edinburgh. As with many ATM installations, work is often scheduled for completion overnight to help keep disruption to a minimum and Kings fulfilled this requirement even though timescales were tight.

Finally onsite at 9.30pm, the management team initialised the set up to ensure that the communication and security network were functioning in preparation for the new ATM.

As the hours ticked by, the removal of the old ATM proved to take much longer than anticipated due to its location within the store. Adding to the complexity of the install the ATM needed a new cabinet to ensure it fit perfectly. Thankfully, by this time Kings had more manpower as an additional Kings team had arrived to help. By successfully working together, overcoming the problems encountered, the project was completed by 4.30am, all in all a very quick turnaround in less than 14 hours, yet still maintaining Kings high standards.

It was through sheer teamwork and dedication that made this last minute install a success, showing that Kings would do everything in their power to make it happen, utilising all members of the Kings workforce.

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