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October 5th, 2015 | Posted by: admin

KIS Kings Security EventOn September 24th, over 90 Kings Security clients and members of staff came together for our Insight and Innovation 2015 conference, to hear about the latest security risks and developments within the industry, and listen to guest speakers including DC Alex Toghill from the Metropolitan Police Service.

Top of the agenda was a warning, delivered by Kings Security CEO, Anthony King who was setting the scene before unveiling KIS (Kings Intelligence Service); an interactive platform designed to provide retailers and businesses with a unique insight into security issues across the UK. “If the security industry doesn’t take control of their own training and set standard qualifications for the industry, then we will lose big market share to generic IT providers; we need to professionalise by being qualified”, he told the audience. “There is a huge skills gap within the industry at the moment, leaving it vulnerable to IT providers who will take over the provision of the security solution and have no industry knowledge.”

We want to set the industry standard and here at Kings Security, we invest heavily in training for all our staff to ensure they are up to date with the latest technology that is emerging. All of our engineers have been through Milestone video management software courses and likewise our managers, including Anthony, are also put through their paces by attending security management professional courses.

Intruder alarm activations and CCTV can detect and prevent crime; but it’s possible to go further, to offer a fuller ‘intelligence cycle’. Kings has spent the last year working on KIS (Kings Intelligence Service) which has been developed to help identify crime hot-spots and profile criminal activity by allowing users to analyse crime data such as; what time of day and week burglaries or shop thefts are happening and what security measures actually work.

Anthony said: “There’s a huge reality check dawning for us all, the times are changing and there’s only going to be so much the police are able to do and we as an industry have to step up. Low-level crime is something police are just not able to give time and attention to.”

He said: “Either ‘we’ – private security and indeed society – let low-level crime just happen, or we must take the lead in loss prevention methods – crime without consequences is not an acceptable world to live in.

We want to work alongside and support the police, to minimise shrinkage (in retail) and apprehend offenders. Our aim is to use KIS to help close the gap between collecting our evidence be it on CCTV or witness statements and deliver a dossier of information to the police to help them make the arrest and bring the criminal to justice.

We are going to have to get smarter and learn to help ourselves. Sharing data with competitors has and will bring results. The Kings Security KIS system will play an instrumental part in developing and leading the way for the industry and ensure we all operate in a much more informed way.  We need to operate and be brave enough to have vision without boundaries.

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