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October 14th, 2010 | Posted by: admin

First DataKings Security of Bradford was chosen by First Data to install 240 new ATM’s and upgrade a further 200 in the National Australia Group estate, with one catch, the project had to be completed in 12 weeks.

The installation, which was probably the largest ATM project during 2010, will be completed on time and in budget, this was largely due to the Kings one-stop-shop approach.

With not only the project management being well controlled, Kings also has the back up of an electrical division should any unforeseen installation problems occur. This total solution approach was why First Data chose Kings for such a significant project. Based on a long-standing reputation for effective security systems, Kings has been installing and monitoring ATM’s since 2001.

By bringing together proven security expertise and innovative technical concepts, Kings are able to respond quickly offering tailor made solutions. Along with the roll out, Kings has also taken over the remote ATM estate making them one of the biggest off premises ATM security companies.

Kings provide complete end-to-end ATM installations (IMAC) so Project management and control via Webportal access is at the heart of every installation. From the ATMs arriving at the secure warehouse to final installation and handover, every machine is electronically tracked and even the engineers movement and order schedule is tracked from head office. Each engineer carries a PDA so that they can take pictures, and along with a job record email the information back to base.

Real time knowledge transfer with real time installation ensures a complete roll out on time and in budget, giving customers that level of assurance they have a right to expect.

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