Summer break-ins – don’t make these common mistakes when you’re on holiday

July 7th, 2016 | Posted by: admin

This summer, millions of us will be going on our long anticipated summer holidays, looking forward to relaxing by the pool, reading a good book, perhaps sharing a few pictures of idyllic beaches on Facebook. However, as social media grows, so do the risks that these methods of communication pose.
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According to recent statistics, more than 13 million households are putting their property and belongings at risk, particularly when they go on holiday.  Over 500,000 households in the UK are sharing their holiday plans on social media, advertising their empty homes to thieves, so people are returning home to post-holiday hell when they find their homes have been broken into.

Sharing holiday snaps and holiday destination ‘boast posts’ are playing into the hands of thousands of criminals who are ready to take advantage of an empty property, indeed, experts warn it might not be only your friends ‘liking’ your latest trip away.

Announcing you’re away on holiday via social media is just one of a whole list of security mistakes we are commonly making when we go on holiday.  So, to help you avoid falling foul of criminals, we at Kings have pulled together a list of 10 ‘do’s and don’ts’ whilst you’re on holiday:

  1. Make sure you have sensor lighting to light up trespassers.
  2. Remember to lock up outhouses and sheds.
  3. Never leave anything outside that could help a criminal break in.
  4. Make sure you close and lock your windows.
  5. Make sure deliveries are well hidden if left whilst you’re away.
  6. Avoid leaving your ladders in the garden.
  7. Never hide keys in the garden or under a plant pot where burglars might look.
  8. Minimise posts on social media about your whereabouts.
  9. Don’t leave tall items under a window.
  10. And finally make sure you install and activate any home security systems.

As well as steering clear from these security blunders, there are a number of simple steps which can be taken to give you peace of mind as you enjoy the summer months:

  1. Other than a home security system, aim to also keep your home looking as though it is being lived in, ask a family member or neighbour to check in, put the bins out and collect the post.
  2. Consider joining your local neighbourhood watch.
  3. Be aware of your online activity, and if possible deactivate the location settings on your devices, so posts or online communications cannot be identified as taking place elsewhere.
  4. Double check your privacy settings on your social media accounts; ensure your updates are only able to be viewed by those you want to, but always think twice before you post, as you can never be sure who will gain access to them.

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