Money Raised for Starlight Children’s Foundation

November 28th, 2012 | Posted by: admin

We have raised a total of £63.04 over the past 5 months in the canteen for Starlight Children’s Foundation.

This was raised by:

  1. Collection box — This was left in our canteen to collect spare change.
  2. Balance 20p on the Lemon – Thanks to Cafe25 for their challenging game which saw everyone try to balance their 20p (or any coin you could find) on the lemon in hope of winning your lunch for free.
  3. Cake, buns and lollipops.

Thanks to all who donated treats for us to sell as well as all who bought them too.

We have raised a lot of money over the past year for many charities and next year we would like to set up a ‘Charity of the Year’ where we try to raise as much money over the entire year for the same charity.

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