Managing Aggression towards Your Staff with Sound Intelligence

The Challenge:

Man with gun

At Kings we understand that in many occupations people are faced with stressful and dangerous situations on a daily basis. Sounds can be the first sign of an escalating hostile act towards a member of your team – with reports suggesting that 90% of physical aggression starts verbally.

The Solution:

The human ear can recognise different emotions in people’s voices. The Sound Intelligence system from Kings Secure Technologies does much the same thing; it recognises stress, fear and aggression in a person’s voice. As soon as the system recognises these emotions, cameras in the immediate vicinity are turned on and flagged to staff in your alarm monitoring room or to security staff.

The Benefits:

  • Real-time detection of verbal aggression before it escalates
  • Edge based sound analytics – no central servers or continuous streaming needed
  • Dynamic event integration with all major video management software
  • Privacy protection by only in-camera sound analysis
  • Distinguishes incident sounds from background noise


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Cash Offices, ATMs, Betting Offices, Petrol Forecourts, Prisons, Airport Check-in Desks, Schools, Public Transport, Retail Stores, Hospitals and Surgeries, Banks

How it Works:

Aggression detector

To book a demo or for more information on how Kings Secure Technologies can help protect your team and assets, email [email protected]