KIS moves into another DYMENSiON…


The name of our operating platform has been changed from Kings Intelligence Service (KIS) to DYMENSiON. This is to bring it into line with the wider Kings Secure Technologies branding and it now has a new fresh look and feel, we have introduced both dark and light themes that once selected become your preference.

In this release there are also a number of new features including

  • Print Management that allows PDF reports to be created based on complex templates which can be printed, saved or upgraded to version controlled documents held in the secure document repository.
  • Process Management provides a single view to manage an array of existing and bespoke business processes such as Inspections, Inductions and Dispatch tasks. It also includes a new dynamic content view and print feature.

The new website for DYMENSiON is

This site is available now and can be used by existing KIS users. Don’t worry your credentials will just keep working

From the 9th April 2018 the old KIS website will display a re-direction page to the DYMENSiON site and by the end of April will be removed completely.


The KIS OneTouch Mobile App is has also been renamed to DYMENSiON OneTouch and the styling and colour scheme has also been changed to align with that of the main operating platform.

In this release of our flexible data capture mobile app we have included some key new features including

  • App profile settings (processes, buttons and forms) can now be switched using NFC and QR codes.
  • NFC is now available for use on the IOS version of the App (iPhone 7 onwards).

DYMENSiON OneTouch V2.00 is now available for download in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Apple App Store Button LinkGoogle Play Button Link

If you are an existing KIS OneTouch user please upgrade to DYMENSiON OneTouch by the end of April by visiting the App Stores and searching for ‘Dymension Onetouch’. After April you will find that your old KIS OneTouch App will stop working.

Again, all of your settings will continue to operate when you upgrade.


Our operating platform has four core areas as follows


  • Form
  • Mobile App – DYMENSiON OneTouch
  • Sensor Data Capture
  • Integration

Construct data capture forms using our built in workflow engine. This can built to your requirements by working alongside our in house team. With DYMENSiON OneTouch you can collect data via intuitive forms, and attach photos, sound clips, video and signatures. Once your form is complete it will be sent to our cloud services for further processing.

Additionally there is the ability to integrate with other systems data, that can be processed using common tools.

DYMENSiON Capture Screenshots


  • Business Processes
  • People
  • Vehicles
  • Incidents
  • Health & Saftey and Risk
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting
  • Fraud and Money Laundering
  • Patrols
  • Key Holder Visits
  • Compliance
  • Dispatch

After your data is collected it is securely sent to our servers and is sent through a pipeline of validation and processing tasks including authorisation / acknowledgement chains. When the process is complete your data is sent to our Business Intelligence Data Services to be made ready for reporting.

DYMENSiON Flow Screenshots

DYMENSiON Intelligence

  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Maps
  • Documents
  • Cases Folders
  • Print
  • Links
  • Search
  • Analytics

The Intelligence side of DYMENSiON is where you can view all your data, which has been captured and processed. You can view the data in many different ways including Grids,Dashboards, Maps, Entity Relationship Diagrams and Pdf Reports.

We also have a secure document management system where you can save all your documents and images or videos safely and have instant and easy access to them whenever you need to.

Case Management further allows you to group your documents into logical containers for ease of retrieval and sharing.

DYMENSiON Intelligence Screenshots


  • Bulk group notifications
  • Location based notifications
  • Critical Security Alerts
  • Business Continuity Alerts

Keep everybody in the loop. Our Share Services have you covered. Send out timely and information packed messages to your key contacts via SMS, Email or Push Notifications. All via DYMENSiON!

DYMENSiON Share Screenshots

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