Posted on: 11 Dec 2019

Kings Utilises Body Worn Cameras to increase CVIT Vehicle Driver Safety

Kings Secure Technologies has provided high level Security and Protection to one of our leading clients, the Post Office, since 2011. Due to this successful long-term relationship, Kings has supported crime prevention with monthly reporting and analysis of threats. Using the Post Office’s own data and reported incidents, and supported by open source data such as Police Incidents, Kings makes recommendations to minimise threats and advises on technology that can support with this.

The Challenge

Cash and Valuables in Transit (CVIT) Crew Drivers of the Post Office were being targeted by criminals and due to the high value of the cash. This meant that not only were members of staff at risk, but there was financial loss to the business due to the stolen cash. Risks were identified with the CVIT Crew Drivers facing, in some cases, violence and abuse during perpetrator attempts to steal the cash, many of which would be successful and produce little evidence to seek prosecution. Kings needed to provide a solution which eliminated these issues but also considered the solution needed to be user friendly and comply with the Privacy and Data Protection Laws.

The Solution

An upgraded approach to the security was developed after a trial issuing body worn cameras to 15 of the Post Office’s CVIT Crew Drivers. The trial was a success and Kings was commissioned to begin a project issuing Body Worn Cameras to the nationwide depots of the 130 CVIT Crew Drivers. The Body Worn cameras are set-up to transmit footage to the Kings Technology Monitoring Centre, this means that when facing threats or feeling at risk, CVIT Crew Drivers are able to press a button on their camera. This alerts the Kings Technology Monitoring Centre where a CCTV Operative is able to monitor the live footage streamed from the camera, assessing the situation and alerting the Emergency Services for assistance where required. Once the record button is activated the video
footage is also saved so that it can be used as evidence to assist in the prosecution of the perpetrators. Should an incident occur when the CVIT Crew Driver has not already pressed the record button on their camera, once pressed the camera will automatically save the previous 2 minutes of footage. This assists in gathering the evidence from an unexpected incident.

You can also download a pdf version of the case study here