Posted on: 19 Feb 2019

Kings Improves Site Security and Monitoring with a Fully Integrated Solution

Leading distribution organisation, Amazon, with one of the most advanced fulfilment networks in the world has entrusted Kings with a 3200+ camera installation: the 2nd largest IP intelligent CCTV installation of its kind for a single building in the world.

The Challenge

Due to significant growth and an intrinsic desire to mitigate risk, the
company looked to Kings Secure Technologies for a security solution that
allowed high capability multiple recordings, fast audit accessibility, Smart
search functioning, Intelligent CCTV and integration to other systems
already in place.

A New Level of Security

The system proposed by Kings was designed using Milestone Corporate VMS and Bosch cameras, which would include Kings own designed Fibre network infrastructure using Netgear, consisting of 19 recording servers with 2.2Pb of storage, 2 management and SQL servers with clustering, 2 failover recording servers, 4 video wall 40” monitors and 4 work stations. The standalone network consists of over 100 switches running on a 20Gb backbone. The bandwidth alone is between 14 and 20 Gb entering into the core switches and servers, which is the equivalent bandwidth of a small village on fibre broadband!

Why Choose Kings?

As a one-stop shop, Kings was ideally positioned to provide the installation and commissioning that the client required. The entire 3204 camera system was designed, project managed, installed and commissioned within 6 months to all time frames. It was noted by the client that Kings also ranked the highest of all contractors for our health and safety commitment for the entire project.

You can also download a pdf version of the case study here