Posted on: 12 Oct 2020

Enterprise-level Partnership as Elixirr Launches Indaba

Global management consultancy Elixirr have today announced the launch of Indaba, a new end-to-end platform to offer choice to businesses by bringing their people back together.

Indaba combines a blockchain-based health passport with desk-booking systems to provide businesses and employees with all the tools necessary to make the best decisions around their health and provide for a safe return to the office.  Indaba is the first new capability introduced by Elixirr since their IPO in July 2020. They recently published their interim results with a 3.2% increase in revenue, despite uncertain market conditions.

The Indaba platform provides COVID testing, health questionnaires, temperature scanning, facial recognition, hands-free access, desk booking, air and surface cleaners with a blockchain-based health passport. Indaba is simple, safe and secure, and seeks to put choice back into people’s hands as we learn to live with COVID-19.

The platform combines hardware, software and physical equipment. It is scalable, modular and can be used out of the box, with existing hardware and software, or plugged into an existing app. Indaba can be used by businesses of any size from 100 to 100,000

Elixirr are already using the platform successfully with their own team at 100 Cheapside. They are inviting interested parties to a demo of the solution via video conferencing.

How Indaba works:

  1. Take a one-time baseline Covid-19 test at home with quick turnaround. Indaba will tell you your results, determining whether it is safe to go into the office.
  2. Use Indaba’s desk-booking system. This enables teams to organise their time in the office together safely and seamlessly.
  3. Walk into the office hands free, have your temperature taken with Indaba’s hardware, enter seamlessly via contactless turnstiles and sit in your chosen desk where air scrubbers have been cleaning both the surfaces and air of pathogens and bacteria.

Privacy and the security of user data sits at the core of Indaba. Health data will be stored on a blockchain-based health passport that has been developed by GetChkd. This blockchain-based technology allows for sharing of data cross-device and cross-platform, while securing the personal and confidential information of employees, never touching the company’s servers. This ensures that private information is kept private.

Kings Secure Technologies – Integration Partner

Key integrations from Kings facilitating the new blockchain Indaba platform at 100 Cheapside, London include hands-free access control from our partner Openpath, along with temperature scanners with face and mask detection, and occupancy sensors from our partner Hikvision.

Indaba is modular, meaning that companies can pick and choose the features that best serve their needs.



About Elixirr
Founded in 2009, Elixirr’s consulting business provides expert advice to large corporates across the end-to-end value chain, including outsourcing and contract advisory, operating models, complex programme execution, strategy, innovation, new market entry, and bringing new, customer validated products to market, quickly.

Media contact & interview requests:
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About Indaba Partners

Indaba would not be possible without the contributions of our valued partners.

Kings Secure Technologies is one of the largest independent installer/integrators in the UK. They are responsible for the integration and installation of Indaba’s hands-free access, temperature scanner, occupancy sensors and associated hardware, software and training. Learn more at

openpath develop leading hands-free access control hardware and enterprise cloud-based software. For Indaba, openpath provided the openpath reader and gateway to allow for hands-free access to the front door at 100 Cheapside. Learn more at

HIKVISION is one of the world’s largest security camera providers. For Indaba, they have provided temperature scanners with facial recognition and mask detection, and density sensors for bathrooms. Learn more at

The GetChkd Health Passport, is blockchain-based health passport that allows for the sharing of data cross-device and cross-platform while protecting and securing personal and confidential information., Learn more at

myLAB Box provides easy and convenient at-home testing with fast lab results and are providing the at-home COVID-19 tests for Indaba. Learn more at

Global Sourcing Specialist helps businesses source, develop, manufacture and transport specialist products and systems. For Indaba, Global Sourcing Specialist have provided the ActivePure air scrubbers that clean both the air and surfaces. Learn more at

JLL is a leading real estate consultancy. JLL facilitate the use of the front door, lobby, and elevator access at 100 Cheapside that is essential to the safe employee return to office journey for the Elixirr employees, shown on the Indaba website. Learn more at