Posted on: 05 Feb 2019

Howden Looks to Kings for Improved Fire System with Single Point of Control

Howden is a leading global application engineering company. With a vast history spanning over 160 years, Howden have produced a long list of innovations, mainly in the air and gas handling field, many of which helped shape modern engineering today.

The Challenge

Within the busy Howden Glasgow headquarters, there was a need to link 5 separate xp95 hardwired fire alarm systems to a control panel at the main gatehouse, to empower security staff with single point control of the entire network.

Due to the sheer scale of the site, cabling between the control panels would present a very unfavourable task and would undoubtedly take
weeks to complete.

The Solution

The solution would be to use EMS FireCell wireless networking. This would offer the full control required, with absolute minimum disruption.

Kings Secure Technologies of Wishaw near Glasgow were awarded the contract and quickly set to work, organising the installation. EMS supplied 6 wireless control panels to Kings, to accommodate the hardwired field devices, whilst additional existing sounder devices would also be supported by 2 auxiliary addressable sounder control units. The new control panels were also accompanied by 6 Radio Network Communicators (RNCs).

The installation of wireless RNCs to link the control panels saved weeks in installation time, causing little disruption and was a resounding success. A FireCell Wireless Hybrid system facilities a mix of wireless and wired devices, 126 per loop, wired or virtual, using trusted EMS technology. Flexibility does not stop there, as a Radio Loop Module (RLM) installed onto the wired loop provides up to 32 additional wireless devices to a specific location. With up to 504 devices per panel and a wireless network capability providing a capacity of up to 4,032 devices, FireCell Wireless Hybrid offers the most comprehensive route to fire safety. FireCell operates on the 868MHz European harmonised frequency and is fully certified to the latest EN European fire standards.

You can also download a pdf version of the case study here