The Dangers of DIY Home Security – Part 1

June 20th, 2014 | Posted by: admin

To feel safe and secure at home it is wise to invest in a monitored home security system. There are so many options to choose from and many people struggle to understand which security system is best for them. With this, there are a growing number of people who are choosing the allegedly cheap and easy solution of DIY home security. A basic DIY home security system provides incomplete protection and could have little effect on protecting the home from burglary. home security systems DIY home security is not necessarily a bad thing. When it is done sufficiently it can work effectively. The homeowner is completely in control of the system and can adjust it to their needs. It is wireless and can be moved around if home owners wish to change and expand their security system.

The Downsides

Unfortunately, there are many drawbacks. It can often end up costing more than a monitored security system. There are many add on features that need to be purchased separately as without them, the coverage of the home is insufficient.

For the best solution, an expert is required who understands the needs and requirements to protect the home. With a monitored security system, not only do they install the system they assess the home and assist home owners to choose the best-value plan for them.

The lack of expert installation can also have a dangerous effect. Whilst the instructions might seem easy to understand and straightforward, each property is different and could lead to a faulty and incorrectly maintained security system that does not work sufficiently. To try to avoid false alarms, many proprietors frequently calibrate the DIY system to a more lenient setting. Many justify these lenient settings and cheap solutions with expectations that the appearance of a supposedly secure home will act as an effective deterrent.

Burglars are smart and desperate – if they notice a flaw in a home security system, they will find it and exploit it. An example would be that if there is a pet in the home, they are aware that many DIY motion sensors are often set so pets cannot trigger the alarm and this allows burglars to crawl through the home.

Having the equipment is one thing but monitoring it is another. There are clever DIY home systems that send owners a text message when there is a disturbance but if they are at work or somewhere with no phone signal, there is little that can be done. In addition to this, police are not notified when the home is broken in to. The burglar might be caught on camera, but they could be long gone by the time the police are contacted.

It is vital that proprietors have sufficient and effective home security. West Yorkshire Police state that homes with no security are ten times more likely to be burgled. In part two, this blog will explore how purchasing cheap DIY solutions has an effect on theft and the real benefits of a monitored home security system.  There is no need to cut corners just to try to save a small amount of money with something as important as the home.

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