The Dangers of DIY Home Security – Part 2

June 24th, 2014 | Posted by: admin

People should lock their windows and doors, keep valuables hidden and shut the curtains, but this alone is not enough to keep burglars out of their homes. As discussed in part one, even adding a security camera using a DIY security system is not the solution. A monitored home security system however, takes the stress out of thinking about correctly and efficiently protecting the home. USA Today reported last year that personal theft has increased in America by 17%, its sharpest increase in two decades. There are more DIY home security systems available at affordable prices creating more choices for consumers. What is most worrying however is that according to US home security statistics, 85% of break ins are done by non-professionals.

With so much choice, it can be difficult to make the right purchases and makes the home an easy target for thieves. Many of these cheaper DIY systems such as alarms and cameras are often useless and their only purpose is to act as a deterrent for thieves. A monitored security system ensures that the correct equipment is provided, installed and maintained.home security systems v DIY Where America goes, the UK often follows.

Although West Yorkshire Police report that burglaries are at an all-time low, there is still need for concern. Incidents such as the 2011 riots are still fresh in the public’s mind. Unemployment rates might be falling but it is still an issue and those who are desperate will be willing to take any opportunity if they notice an insecure property.

When individuals hear an alarm go off in the street at an unoccupied household, how many ignore it and think it is simply a false alarm? With a monitored home security system, action is taken immediately on the customer’s behalf. Better still, in addition to protecting the home from theft, many monitored systems can also detect fire and carbon monoxide.

These monitored systems will contact the police and fire services once they identify a problem. Monitored home security systems can provide homeowners with plenty of control regarding what protection and security they receive, there are many options to choose from making it easy to tailor to their specific needs. An example being that homeowners can set the system to ensure that whilst they are sleeping upstairs, the monitored home security system can be set to take care of any suspicious activity downstairs.

Companies that provide monitored home security systems look at the long term in protecting the home, as this is where they make their revenue. They are willing to provide customers with the best possible service 24 hours a day.

Even better, many home insurance companies actually offer a discount for well-maintained home security systems or help pay for a monitored security plan. It is not only a necessity it is also an investment and the rewards are clear. These systems are tailored to the needs and specifications of the homeowner along with expert advice to guide them through. The statistics prove that the solution to home security protection is to choose a monitored security system.

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