Protect Your Home: What Would a Burglar do?

August 29th, 2014 | Posted by: admin

Sometimes, to protect your home from a burglar is to think like one. There is lots of advice available on how to protect the home and some of it might be obvious. Yet, sometimes the obvious provides thieves with everything they need to know. They are opportunists and they look out for a number of things to determine if it is worth breaking in or to find another target. burglar attempting domestic burglaryA writer for The Guardian invited a former burglar into her home to assess how easy it would be for someone to break in. The ex-thief noticed small things that are not obvious for most people.

Factors such as leaving letters and keys near the front door, to using a calendar to mark down when the homeowner would be going on holiday just proves how intelligent thieves can be and homeowners need to be constantly on their guard. Leaving the lights on at all hours simply signifies that the proprietor is trying to hide the truth that they are not home and have items of value.

Even leaving the front gate open is often interpreted as an invitation for a burglar, especially if the driveway is clear of cars. If you are at home, try to keep things hidden and locked away. Tools and equipment left outside can be used to break in and are asking to be stolen. Be aware that by leaving the front door unlocked whilst you are upstairs sleeping or in the bathroom, a burglar will use this opportunity.

In a survey conducted by The Independent, 94% of burglars admitted that they would avoid a home that had monitored security alarms installed. Burglars are quick an efficient. They want to be in and out of the property as quickly as possible to avoid any potential issues. A home with monitored security would only make it more likely for them to be caught. Having trees and fencing can be useful to keep the home hidden but it can actually be a blessing for thieves. They use these to hide behind and avoid detection. They have time to form a plan and wait for the right moment to break in. They often use ladders and wheelie bins to climb over fences and into open windows.

It is recommended to never to leave things to chance – try to check your home frequently for anything that might invite a burglar in. Make sure you take care of your property by repairing anything that is damaged, such as the front gate or a dodgy lock. Burglars can spot cheap looking dummy alarms and it only tells them that the homeowner does not take security in their home seriously. A monitored home security system can assist you in providing the best protection for your home. Most monitored security systems provide a full inspection of your home to find areas that might be insecure. The statistics prove that burglars are deterred by a monitored security system, so why not speak to one of our advisers about creating a bespoke package for your home.


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Very interesting article, thanks for sharing. 94% of burglars would avoid a house with security systems highlights the importance of having a security system in place.

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