New home? What security measures should you apply?

August 30th, 2013 | Posted by: admin

Security Tips New Home Buying a new house is a lot of fun because it represents an exciting new start, but it also involves a whole lot of important decision-making on your part.

One of the most pressing decisions you’ll make upon moving into a new home is to do with security. You can’t very well feel at home in a space if you don’t feel safe there.

There are some crucial motions to go through as soon as you move in. You need to make sure that all your doors and windows are sufficiently secure. If they aren’t then you need to address that as soon as you can.

Locks are the most basic security measures you can employ.   Then it’s worth looking at more technologically advanced security systems. For instance, you can have an alarm fitted — preferably one that allows you to set programmes so that you can put your alarm on overnight, compartmentalising parts of the house you want secured and others where you expect people to be able to move about freely.

You can go further with your home security, using things like CCTV to up the ante a little bit. Moreover, it’s a good idea to get the neighbours involved and see if there is a neighbourhood watch scheme in operation in your area.

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