Home security tips in hot weather

July 30th, 2013 | Posted by: admin

Windows Closed Over the summer, you can usually expect something of a spate in burglary cases. The fact that people go away on summer holidays partly accounts for that trend, but there are other reasons why the summer is a time when home security seems to become a problem.

One of the major issues is related to hot weather. How can you make sure your home stays completely secure when the weather is so warm?  Perhaps the most important tip is to keep tabs on the windows and doors you open in order to keep the house cool. It’s only natural to do this when the weather’s hot, but you should make a point of going round the house closing windows whenever you go out.

Be honest with yourself. Can you really hear what’s going on at the front of the house when you sit outside enjoying the sun in your back garden? Most people can’t. That’s why cars get stolen off drives in the summer. People simply walk in the front door, take a set of keys and drive off unnoticed.  

Keep your doors locked even though people are often coming round for parties and gatherings and to enjoy sitting out with you. If you can, use fans and air conditioning to keep your interiors cool instead of leaving windows open.

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