5 Top Summer Holiday Home Security Tips

August 26th, 2014 | Posted by: admin

It can be stressful planning a summer holiday, from booking the trip to making sure that everything is packed and ready. Homeowners often forget that when they are leaving their home they are potentially making it a target for burglars. Fortunately, there are a number of precautions that can be taken to reduce this risk.

1. Pretend you’re still at home
shutterstock_135142472-300x284Try to not make it too easy for thieves to break into the dwelling. Burglars are sharp, so simply leaving the lights on will not necessarily act as a preventative measure – especially if they are switched on all night. Ask a neighbour or a friend to check around the property for any suspicious activity. If this is not possible, perhaps look into having the lights switched on and off using a timer. Leave the curtains on whilst you are absent so potential thieves will be unable to see what you have on display inside your home.

2. Lock up!

Before leaving for your holiday, it is vital to check that all doors and windows are locked and secure. If you are unsure what locks to use, West Yorkshire Police recommend fitting sturdy deadlocks (British Standard BS3621) to provide the best possible results. Even leaving a small window unlocked and open is discouraged. If there is an opening, no matter how small, a burglar will use it to climb inside. Lock all windows and doors, even those above the ground floor.

3. Put away outdoor equipment

It is imperative that you lock away all outdoor furniture and equipment. Just because furniture and equipment are hidden in the back garden, it does not make it safe from thieves. A burglar expects a homeowner to slip up and provide them with such an opportunity. Be aware of lights that intend to act as a deterrent can also be stolen. Sonar panel lights are an attractive target for thieves, so be sure to either lock these away or secure them down. In addition to this, ladders and bins need to be put away as burglars often use these to climb over walls or to access open windows above the ground floor.

4. Remove spare keys from obvious hiding places
The first place a burglar will look for spare keys will be under plant pots and doormats. If you need to leave a spare key for a friend or family member, look into investing in a key safe. They are inexpensive and require a code of your choosing for access.

5. Install a monitored home security system

Coming home after a holiday to discover that your home has been burgled is the last thing anyone needs. A monitored home security system can take this worry away. Whilst you and your family enjoy your holiday, the team behind a monitored home security system are hard at work protecting your home. Kings Security provides 24-hour coverage as part of our bespoke home security package, delivering the best protection for your home. For more information call us on 0800 8046171 or fill in our short contact form.


Megan says:

Great read, thanks for sharing.

It’s best to never leave a spare key outside at any time, burglars will always look for them and most likely find them. Having a security system will discourage thieves, however not everyone can afford this. Even just fake cameras and security box should discourage thieves too.

york company says:

That bit about living the curtains on is really important. It sounds like a no-brainer but its actually alarming to know how many homeowners forget about that when they leave home for several hours. In the long run, its always better to be a little too careful than to be careless.

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