Kings Secure First National Keyholding Contract

April 26th, 2012 | Posted by: admin

Kings have looked after security contracts for The Co-operative for over a decade and 2012 sees this relationship going from strength to strength.

From humble beginnings, our roots with The Co-operative go back to the days of The Leeds Co-operative where we first began providing monitoring services.

In 2006, we began working closely with the United Co-op providing support to Sunwin Security.

The United Co-op then became part of The ‘Co-operative Group’ and we were subsequently awarded monitoring contracts together with a programme for the implementation of IP Signalling in 2008.

In 2011 ‘The Co-operative Group’ went back out to tender for the provision of Monitored Services and for the provision of keyholding Services to the estate.

Kings Security Systems had been providing a regional service for guarding, keyholding, escorted protection and mobile patrols for four years. Confident of the management processes and the logistical infrastructure in place we were keen to tender for these services nationally.

We knew our client well and were confident of the savings and improvements that could be made by combining these services. In December 2011 both contracts were awarded to Kings. Not only were we  to retain the monitoring services, we were now able to take over the keyholding and escorted protection services provided to 3,036 of their sites.

The implementation process began right away. Once the detail of every location was imported into our systems, a full keyholder escort service was put in place. We then worked closely with G4S to obtain site keys and alarm codes from all of their hubs. These were checked centrally and redistributed to our own management centres.

A risk assessment was documented with detailed site instructions and hazard forms for each of the locations. Once processed the sites could begin going live to provide a full keyholding service. As each site was transitioned to Kings, the escort service could be gradually phased out. All keyholding contracts were ready to go live ahead of our 1st April deadline.

Tony Goldstein, Head of Guarding Services, commented: “This project is very exciting for Kings as it’s our first national keyholding contract. We are delighted that ‘The Co-operative Group’ have entrusted us with these services following a thorough evaluation throughout the tender process.”

In addition to securing the keyholding contracts, we were also able to consolidate additional sites for our monitoring services. This included several hundred sites within ‘The Co-operative Banking Group’ that were transferred away from SSS in Bristol and also an in house monitoring facility in Leak.

Consolidation of these contracts now brings the number of monitored sites up to 4,500 systems (including 1,500 ATM Cash Machines) 2,800 of which signal via IP.

All these sites now signal into our alarm receiving centre UK Monitoring.

UK Monitoring also manages the offsite monitoring, access and security for eight of ‘The Co-operative Groups’ major distribution centres.



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