Turnstiles from Kings Ltd help protect your premises

July 12th, 2012 | Posted by: admin

One of the main reasons for integrating security solutions like turnstiles into your control of entries and exits, is to improve the level of security.

Using turnstiles provide extra barriers and obstacles to unauthorised personnel trying to access a location.

Using turnstiles not only offer a physical barrier, but also controls the number of people entering or exiting at a particular time.

Using turnstiles will facilitate traffic flow restrictions and is also an added degree of supervised security.

Therefore, today’s turnstiles are seen as security solutions and very useful in commercial and industrial premises.

Control access to your premises with Kings Ltd’s turnstiles

A business, academic establishment can benefit from security solutions such as turnstiles as some of these waist high turnstile models use identification card to gain entry and exit.

This will mean some responsibility is relinquished from security guards, making turnstiles a cost saver in terms of human resource budgets.

But in no way turnstiles should be chosen to replace a guard, if anything it helps the guard to do their job better, with the help of security solutions like this placed in campuses where crowd control and accessibility is treated with importance.

Deter unauthorised access with much efficiency with turnstile security

Turnstiles can also record attendance and access ID data faster and more efficiently than a guard physically checking each individual person.

By using turnstiles in your college or business you can avoid unauthorised user entry as turnstiles recognise a genuine ID access from one that is a fake. So consistent compliance is something you can expect from turnstiles.

If you want to secure your premises and protectively control access then contact us at Kings Security Systems, to help you install these deterrent barriers to assist with effective security.

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