Safeguard your commercial premises with turnstiles from Kings

June 29th, 2012 | Posted by: admin

Turnstiles, also known as baffle gates in some parts of the world, are extremely important security gating solutions. These types of gate allow one person to pass at a time and avoid tailgating if authorised access is eminent.

Turnstiles help security personnel ensure that only people with authorised access cards, invites or passes are allowed through these gates onto premises. They are also a great way to promote security checks at entries and exits.

Turnstiles from Kings are perfectly suited for use in a variety of settings

While turnstiles are being used in a wide variety of settings such as stadiums, amusement parks, museums, resorts and more, you will notice that it has an equally important role to play in business establishments.

Turnstiles are used in commercial or public entertainment complexes to control traffic both in and out of a building/area. This can be a perfect deterrent against unwanted access to facilities, work areas or private parties, meetings and conferences. Turnstiles are simply a great security gating solution that gives greater control over security measures.

Turnstiles offer a host of advantages and acts as a first line of security

Turnstiles available at Kings come in clean cut, stylish designs; and you have the option of choosing the paid or free access turnstiles based on your requirements. Our range is extensive and our quality of turnstiles is like no other.

Our turnstiles can fit into many environments, both internal and external, and are extremely effective for filtering and controlling footfall.

While turnstiles may not completely prevent all unwanted access or be the only defense line of safety, they can certainly slow things down and act as one stage of many other lines of safety. In this world of security and access control, no other company knows turnstiles designing better than Kings Ltd.

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