Kings Launch A New Range Of Automatic Gates For Your Business

May 11th, 2012 | Posted by: admin

Secure Automatic Gates For Your Business

At Kings Security Systems we have a wide range of automatic gates. These security gates offer absolute security in business premises, which is much desired by many businesses.

The design and specifications of these secure automated gates ensure control of what enters and also what leaves your commercial property.

This is a very important requirement, especially in terms of a business situation. You can avoid theft of inventory within your premises, along with having the ability to offer your staff a secure environment to work in.

Remote Managed Automatic Gates

Remote automatic gates can be effectively managed by a single remote control and identification of personnel entering premises can be done via an interface as is built into the system.

Having automatic gates ensure you have complete peace of mind. You will not have the trouble and worry of trespassers in your business premises and/or other restricted areas.

By remote controlling these secure automated gates you can protect inventory, staff and facilities, these automatic gates give easy access and also protects your infrastructure.

Automatic Gates That Are Perfect For Your Business Premises

Sliding automatic gates are recommended for properties that have little or absolutely no room to allow the swinging feature.

It is ideal as it smoothly slides from one side to the other. Secure automated gates offer ample room and are designed to suit using softwood, hardwood, machined steel or hand forged steel.

All our secure automated gates are custom made and have a strong body built which makes it high quality and durable.

If you are looking for automated gates for your business, do contact us at Kings Security Systems today on Freephone 0800 8046171.

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