Finding the Perfect Automatic Gate Solution for your Business

August 22nd, 2012 | Posted by: admin

Automatic Gates

There are several types of automatic gates to choose from when deciding what security measure is suitable to your premises.

The automatic sliding gate, which, although needing the space either side of the gateway to store the gates themselves when open, has the main advantage of needing less outward space to accommodate the gate.

This gate is also very useful for the location of premises where strong wind is likely to be an issue meaning a swing gate is not appropriate.

These automatic gates are generally manufactured using materials such as softwood, hardwood, or machined or hand forged steel.

Although the client can specify which material they prefer, it will generally depend on whether it is appropriate for the amount of usage the gate will have.

Aside from this type, a more popular and traditional type is the electric swing gate.

Electric Swing Gates

This particular automatic gate can be tailored to the client’s requirements in order to maximise efficiency and consume as little space as possible on their property, whilst they can also be made from varying materials such as steel and wood, although due to the regular usage that the gates would likely receive it is recommended that stronger, heavier materials are used.

Features of the Electric Gates

The gates are equipped with by visible motor arms which can be used to operate the opening/closing of the gate itself.

Furthermore, the nature of these automatic gates is that all the mechanics and stored underground, once again preserving space on your premises and maximising efficiency.

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