How security gates and bollards can help you secure your commercial premises?

January 19th, 2017 | Posted by: admin

Commercial premises, just like homes are regular targets for intruders, only in many cases the stakes are considerably higher. Warehouse facilities can house thousands, or even millions of pounds worth of stock, whilst offices themselves can provide rich pickings with IT equipment, amongst other things, being of considerable value. For many businesses the installation of security gates and bollards provide a visible and robust deterrent against potential threats, creating an efficient solution.

A company’s perimeter is its first line of defence, so thinking carefully about how to secure them most effectively is important. Perimeter fencing, gates, barriers and turnstiles can be designed to aesthetically complement existing buildings and bespoke installation and design will ensure the security solution is robust.

Such security measures not only provide a deterrent against potential threats but also allow for greater monitoring of staff, visitors and vehicle entry. Having reliable and consistent access logs is an important security step and can provide valuable evidence – if there is ever the need to investigate a breach of security.

Additional commercial security measures

Installing burglar alarms, CCTV cameras and lighting are also a natural progression once perimeter fencing, gates, bollards or turnstiles have been installed. If intruders manage to breech the perimeter then there needs to be an additional line of defence which creates an effective deterrent – one or all of these mechanisms can assist with that.

There are additional steps companies can also apply when considering their loss prevention strategies. If there is a warehouse facility or large amounts of valuable stock on site it’s important that steps are taken to monitor stock levels and that employees (many of whom may be temporary staff) can’t remove items. One solution for this is to have a rigorous entry/exit procedure which can involve using guards and random searches.

Carrying out regular equipment audits employees can keep a handle on costly and necessary equipment. This can be enhanced by allocating responsibility for particular items to individual employees and keeping a note of their serial numbers. Likewise if there is sensitive paperwork ensure it is shredded or destroyed so it can’t be accessed by those who ought not to see it.

Finally, criminals regularly change their tactics so it’s important to make sure that security measures remain up to the challenge and businesses undertake regular reviews of all aspects of their security strategy.

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