Posted on: 06 Aug 2018

Blog: Enabling Technology to Drive Commercial Benefit

Kings Secure Technologies’ aim is to make use of technology and its ever-growing capabilities in a smart, forward-thinking way, to improve and revolutionize existing systems and strategies. As innovative technology continues to rapidly evolve and become more compatible with scientific, programmed devices, it becomes less reliant on human involvement. With a focus on autonomous and technical development, Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes a prime example of an advanced solution. It learns of typical trends and can therefore detect changes in an environment.

If we take learnings from the cutting edge technology industries within the mobile, digital signage & facial recognition markets, AI can help our clients not just protect and detect with fire & security solutions, but to expand these available technologies into further commercial benefit, marketing tools and even profit generators. In this blog Paul talks about the art of the possible.

It is interesting to see AI becoming a more prominent resolution alongside existing technologies, to create a safer and more secure environment. One example of this is ‘forecourts of the future’ and how innovative technologies can be used in petrol stations as a security measure. I thought it would be interesting to recognise the possible integration of AI for this specific industry, as it has the potential to make promising changes to the way forecourts operate.

Currently, fuel theft within petrol forecourts is a major problem. Statistics have shown that across the UK, drive offs account for 546,000 incidents at a total cost of £20m per year. These are quite clearly astonishing figures, and something that the use of AI could really make a difference.

In connection with AI, advances in safety on petrol forecourts could go even further. Instead of CCTV cameras being used as a way of visible deterrent or evidence gathering following a crime, they now have the potential to detect any suspicious behaviour prior to a potential situation. Further possibilities of AI include integration with digital signage, connectivity via mobile devices, location based and habit based marketing to up-sell and cross sell, for example ordering a coffee at the pump and collecting on exit to name just a few of the exciting possibilities that Kings Secure Technologies are incubating.

Not only in terms of safety, but AI could also be proven useful within petrol forecourts as a way to better engage with and understand customer behaviour. Combining AI with Automatic Number Plate Recognition, more information can potentially be retained, such as the model of car, meaning a customer’s experience can become more personalised and focused. Such information about the customer could give insight to useful data such as products they may be more inclined to buy, how many visits they have per week and typically how long they spend on a particular forecourt. Therefore, AI can work not only in terms of safety and security, but also for marketing purposes and customer engagement.

Paul Atherton