WebWayOne and Kings work in Partnership

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WebWay one and Kings work in PartnershipWebWayOne and Kings Security work in partnership to deliver cost savings and value added solutions to leading retailers throughout the UK.

WebWay interviews Steve Evans, Kings Commercial Director, providing valuable insight into how and why national retailers are migrating from PSTN to IP alarm signalling.

Kings has been at the forefront of the switch from analogue to digital in the alarm signalling market. Tell us more about that journey. Kings new monitoring station is a state of the art, 24/7 facility capable of monitoring intruder, fire, audio and CCTV over IP networks, a technology generation away from where we were 5 years ago.

Kings were first to recognise that business as usual was not going to be good enough for national retailers. Pioneering WebWay IP/GPRS signalling, Kings were able to deliver an integrated intruder alarm and audio verification solution to the Dixons Group rolling out 1300 systems and saving hundreds of thousands of pounds per annum in telephone line rentals. For us it’s easy to forget this project completed in 2005 and we’re now routinely fitting WebWay for our major accounts.

What was the key message that motivated other retailers to take the WebWay path? The Dixons project demonstrated that a large retail organisation could deploy a PSTN to IP signalling migration strategy quickly and effectively. Return on investment is critical, and our capability to execute the switch with professional project management was key. Secondly it was clear that customers wanted to benefit from a solution that would continue to innovate. WebWay has continually innovated the platform with new developments including automatic commissioning, support for GPRS roaming, audio over IP and real time performance management. The primary focus of national end users in recession is to save money, but customers require value add too. What are the key elements of the WebWay solution that deliver this value in an intruder alarm application?

WebWay has pioneered the PSTN to IP migration market and has been first with many innovations, especially the integration to alarm panels via the serial data interface. This enables two key new remote signalling features. Firstly SIA protocol alarms can be transmitted to the ARC providing valuable new information to security managers. Secondly remote service can be facilitated over IP or GPRS – removing call charges from site and increasing security of the remote connection with AES encryption. Integration offers benefits for both end users and us as a security company. As the economic climate continues to be challenging so resources for all parties become increasingly valuable. WebWay’s integration and management solutions enable us to provide a truly managed service to customers.

Kings is a UK success story, what have been the highlights for you? Kings has established the UK’s largest connection base of IP signalling solutions and continue to deliver value to the UK’s most established brands. In 2010 Kings took on the monitoring of The Co-Operative food retail chain, a network of 3000 retail outlets. The project enabled The Co-Operative Group to standardise the food businesses’ signalling and opened opportunities for audio over IP and additional application monitoring over the shared network.

Delivering solutions to globally recognised brands is a professional business. What makes WebWay your signalling partner of choice in this market? The team at WebWay have always been right behind us. They’ve never let us down when we require support in the sales process, project management or resolving issues. WebWay’s products and services deliver our end users a future proofed solution, capable of saving money without reducing security and enabling integration of other security, retail or building management systems via the shared network.

Both our companies work together to deliver exceptional service to our customers and have established trust and professional respect at all levels within our organisations. WebWayOne Commercial Director Chris Carter Brennan said “WebWayOne are delighted to work in partnership with our longest standing partners in IP signalling, Kings Security and UK Monitoring.

Our signalling system reduces the operational costs of alarm signalling whilst adding value for all parties. The ability to remotely service different intruder alarm systems over IP or GPRS, combined with network performance monitoring and diagnostics reduces the number of site visits for installers, this in turn reduces our industry’s carbon footprint.”

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