West Yorkshire Police | Kings Security Reaching New Heights

March 16th, 2009 | Posted by: admin

Kings Security reaching new heightsCSL has recently heard of an unusual application for its products, as a unit was used to protect a Peregrine Falcon’s nest. Kings Security in Bradford have a contract working for West Yorkshire Police, and were were asked to protect a Peregrine Falcon which had made its nest in a quarry.

In recent years, poachers had stolen the bird’s eggs and Kings were asked if they could come up with a solution to protect the nest.

The company used an external GJD controller with passive infrared detectors, connected to a 12V battery, with remote signalling offered by a GSM Dualcom. The engineer that installed the system needed to climb down the rock face and install the sensors to the rock, with the GSM unit and the battery being hidden in a hole.

The Falcon successfully raised three chicks.

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