Kings Provide Intelligence Services Supporting Post Office ‘Grapevine’

February 17th, 2012 | Posted by: admin

The security intelligence services provided to Grapevine are a vital resource to the many Post Office Masters and Sub-Postmasters working across the UK.

The Post Office now has a branch network of 11,500 sites and 14,500 agents and employees.

It is critically important to the Post Office that they are able to create a safe and secure environment for their people and customers.

A high proportion of Post Offices facilities are franchised with vendors delivering the services alongside their own business. Post Office Services may bring with them an additional threat of being targeted by the criminal fraternity and many of these units are manned by lone workers. These are key drivers in the importance of being connected to the Grapevine service by its members.

Within the network however there are many who are not connecting to the services. The more subscribers Grapevine has; the wider and richer the intelligence becomes, greatly increasing the value of intelligence data to all that subscribe, so Grapevine wants to increase registrations.

Kings Security Systems were keen to support Grapevine in achieving this goal and partnered with them in a campaign to generate new website registrations during a business wide promotion in late 2011, donating an iPad 2 to their prize draw.

This promotion resulted in a tenfold increase in website registrations from all areas of the business. The Grapevine promotion winner was Mr Gurmit Cheema. Mr Cheemna has been the Sub-Postmaster at Highbury Road, Hitchin for 16 years, and has been receiving the Grapevine text blasts for 3 years.

With regards to the Grapevine website, Mr Cheema said; “since registering on I have been impressed with the security messages and information available and would recommend it to all my colleagues”.

John Scott, Head of Security for Post Office Ltd who made the presentation said “we are continually exploring further opportunities to expand the Grapevine service to ensure our people and customers transact their business in as secure an environment as possible”.

‘’The Post Office has been identified as a sector lead for cascading information from the Olympics communication hub. It is important that all offices in the Greater London area in particular register with Grapevine so that important security advice and information can be passed on to them from the games security group”.


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