Kings Now Working With Post Office Grapevine To Deliver Security Intelligence

November 24th, 2011 | Posted by: admin

Kings Security Systems are pleased to announce that they are now working with The Post Office Grapevine for the delivery of security intelligence services.

The contracts were awarded in July 2011 following a rigorous tender process where Kings were chosen to provide specialist intelligence services incorporating crime intelligence collection and reporting, crime pattern analysis, intelligence sharing, fraud investigation, hostage line, mobile overt and covert surveillance, asset tracking and retrieval and incident management.

A diligent plan of implementation facilitated the transfer of the business into Kings Security Systems with the service going live in September 2011.

Kings are now providing a range of intelligence led security services to Grapevine which is available to the Post Office Ltd for its national branch network of 11,500 sites, its 430 unit UK Cash Vehicles in Transit (CViT) operation and to its 14,500 agents and employees.

Working closely with the Grapevine team we are able to deliver a truly bespoke package of services. Collating information that comes in to the call centre through a variety of channels for analysis and passing this back down to the Post Office branch, CViT and employee network is just one element of the support we are able to provide.

We are able to respond proactively to suspicious behaviour providing security and peace of mind to the individuals affected. Overt and covert CCTV operations are vital elements for early detection and deterrent of crime. CCTV can also be combined with other resources to collect and report on the information required in ‘real time’ to investigate serious crime & fraud and to respond.

Working closely with Law Enforcement Agencies we have access to crime intelligence and are able to provide them the information they require to fully investigate crimes against Post Office assets escalating where appropriate to the police and other agencies.

John Scott, Head of Security, Post Office Limited commented Grapevine is an integral part of Post Office Limited’s security support to its nationwide branch network and CViT operations. Its High Street presence together with its real time intelligence gathering and reporting provides a valuable service to the business, through the early detection, deterring and reporting of crime. Grapevine has a close working relationship with all UK law enforcement agencies and provides them with relevant, timely and accurate crime intelligence.”

Anthony King, Managing Director, Kings Security Systems Ltd commented We will continue to work closely with the Post office team to manage, develop and expand the Grapevine services. This innovative solution was developed by Grapevine to provide valuable crime prevention and reporting support to the UK Post Office branch network. We are now working together to develop a strategic plan for the future.

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