ISO 27001 Success | A Press Release from Jomu

October 4th, 2012 | Posted by: admin

Kings Security Systems Limited, West Yorkshire

Kings Security Systems Limited have recently achieved their ISO 27001 accreditation in recognition of its secure and effective information management systems.

The leading Yorkshire-based security organisation achieved the accreditation within only five months and to the highest of standards.

Here is what they say about the help they received from Jomu leading up to and through the assessment itself:

Arthur Agnew, Kings’ Operations Director: “We are delighted with this achievement that represents a firm commitment to our customers, employees, trading partners and stakeholders that their information, its availability, confidentiality and integrity is protected. Jomu instilled us with complete confidence during what could have been an extremely challenging process. The experts guided us through the entire process methodically and professionally, helping us to achieve the ISO 27001 within an incredible time frame; a real credit to the partnership.”

The ISO 27001 is a highly regarded and key business certification demonstrating credibility and trust. Kings has implemented heightened management controls to ensure all information is secure and that it adheres to all relevant laws and regulations.

In partnership with us, over 650 action points were completed and over 800 pieces of evidence gathered for assessment through a project team consisting of Kings’ directors and managers and representatives from Jomu. The process followed complex, intense and rigorous procedures including information gathering, completion of a new Compliance Management System, training and surveys for over 400 personnel, auditing, pre-assessments and an in-depth four-day assessment.

Kings Security Systems Limited will hold the award for three years, with annual external audits being made to assess and recertify the accreditation, ensuring strict adherence to rigorous security standards.

Photo: left to right:

Kerrell Cronly – Kings Project Manager Arthur Agnew – Operations & Banking Services Director Andrea Jones – Jomu Ltd’s Managing Director

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